Pink Cracked Ice Dice

$85.00 USD
Pink Cracked Ice Dice

Here at Fresh Hell Studio, we prepare every adventurer for any quest they might come upon, whether it be their first time trekking out for fame and fortune or whether they are a seasoned warrior, ready to take on whatever the elder gods throw their way!

We sell magical artefacts for every discerning mage, summon companions for the most demanding of warlocks, and forge creatures that keep even powerful necromancers happy.

Each dice set comes with 7 dice, perfect for any starting player or seasoned adventurer, and there are options for single die as well!
Dice are standard dimensions - 12-14mm across.

Each set and die is handmade, and so may differ slightly from what is seen in the pictures.

✮ Dice make fantastic gifts for any occasion! ✮
Get one for:
◙Your sweetheart
◙ Your sibling
◙ Your best friend
◙ Your worst enemy
◙ For Christmas
◙ Or Halloween
◙ Or Groundhog Day
◙ Because you want to treat yourself
◙ Because you're worth it
◙ Because you're secretly a dragon with a hoarding problem
◙ It's okay - your secret's safe with us.

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